AWS IoT MQTT – How To Send Data To AWS IoT Using MQTT

In this article, I’m going to show you how to collect data from your legacy industrial devices, such as your PLCs and indicators, and send that data to AWS IoT platform where advanced analytics could then be performed on the data. So here I’ve got a typical industrial device that talks Modbus TCP, and connected to its analog input module is a potentiometer.

So I’m going to be collecting this potentiometer value and sending it to AWS IoT platform. Now to do that, I’m going to use the industrial IoT gateway as an interface between the industrial controller and the cloud platform. So I’ll be using node red platform that is running natively on the IoT Core box to collect the data from the industrial controller using Modbus TCP and then acting as an MQTT client to publish the data to the AWS mq TT broker. Okay, so you log into my AWS IoT console. And then click on Manage and under things, select Register a thing. And then click on Create a single thing. And then I’ll give my thing a name. I’ll call it my demo device. And then here, I’ll click on Next. Now here, we click on Create certificate in order to generate certificate for authenticating our communication between the IoT gateway, and the AWS IoT platform. And when you do that, you will get links to download your certificates. So for the first three certificates, you just download them onto your machine. And when you click to download your root ca certificate, you will notice that a separate web page is displayed. So on this web page, you select this first option here. And that will also take you to another web page. And all you need to do here is to copy this text

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