Learn How To Architect IIoT Solutions
For Smart Manufacturing

Hey, I'm Kudzai Manditereza

I help digital manufacturing professionals master the architecture and development of IIoT solutions for the successful implementation of Smart Manufacturing.

Embarking on a manufacturing digital transformation journey is no small feat.

What initially appears as a straightforward OT-IT data integration project eventually evolves into a complex endeavor.

As you integrate various data sources, explore diverse advanced analytics use-cases, and try to navigate the complexity of a manufacturing organization, it quickly becomes clear that a well-thought-out architecture is essential to achieve data-driven intelligence at scale.

For nearly a decade, I’ve extensively studied various data integration technologies, developed IIoT solutions, evaluated countless architectural designs, interviewed many leading IIoT practitioners, and educated tens of thousands of engineers across the world. I’ve since been named one of the Top 15 Global Influential personas creating content about Industry4.0 online.

My mission is to use my experience to help digital manufacturing professionals master the architecture and development of IIoT solutions for the successful implementation of Smart Manufacturing.

I teach the architectural principles and techniques I’ve found valuable throughout my career.

Of course, I’m still learning. So when I come into something new and compelling, I’ll share it with you too, and we can grow together.

The Fourth Generation Podcast

I host a weekly podcast where each episode features an in-depth conversation with some of the foremost experts in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We dive deep into the technical nuances and practical aspects of creating IIoT solutions, providing listeners with detailed and actionable insights.

What else I have on offer?

I break down the principles and techniques of IIoT architecture and development into actionable content through video tutorials, podcasts, live events, articles, and online workshops—so our worldwide community of digital manufacturing professionals can build the next generation of manufacturing systems.


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What Others Say!

The Industry 4.0 movement is happening. You are not going to learn about it in university or in a book, but rather from the key players who are driving it. Kudzai Manditereza and the guests on his podcast are those key players. Whether it's 5 or 50 minutes long, I never ever ever miss new content from him.
Emile Ackbarali
Automation Engineer & Systems Integrator
✋Are you lost like me when trying to keep up with Industry 4.0? Have no fear..I found a good channel and would like to share with you. My recommendation is follow Kudzai Manditereza on YouTube for his Industry 4.0. podcast. I become a huge fan of his YouTube channel as it is always up to date with latest trend and step by step idiot-proof guide 😀 This is also where I get my inspirations for my PhD research 😷 and get to listen to the prominent industry leaders sharing their experiences and tips on IIoT. All this, I cannot get from the library books as they are not updated fast enough.
Elven Kee
20 years experience in Automation Control & Manufacturing

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