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As the go-to destination for Industry4.0 learning and networking for solution architects and developers, our website offers a wealth of tutorials, podcasts, workshops and events to help you stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the world of Industry4.0

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Our expert-led content on IIoT and AI for manufacturing systems goes beyond the surface-level jargon, offering you detailed, practical guidance to help you build successful applications. From the technicalities to the real-world applications, we have you covered.

Educational Videos

In-depth video tutorials to help you get started with building real-world IIoT solutions.

Podcast Interviews

Interview sessions designed to help you learn Industrial IoT from some of the world's leading practitioners.

Technical Workshops

Delivered in partnership with leading Industrial IoT hardware and software vendors.

Live Events

Panel of industry experts discussing key IIoT topics, with opportunity for Live Q&A with the audience.

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Each episode of The Fourth Generation Podcast will treat you to an in-depth interview with some of the world’s leading IIoT practitioners where we really dive deep into technical and actionable details of building Industrial IoT Solutions.

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Join me every week live on YouTube as we explore the tools and techniques for building the connected factory. We delve into architectures, principles,  protocols, data modelling standards,  technical demonstrations and product reviews of the Industry4.0 world.

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Digital Twins Masterclass:
From beginner to Advanced

Date February 2023

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The Industry 4.0 movement is happening. You are not going to learn about it in university or in a book, but rather from the key players who are driving it. Kudzai Manditereza and the guests on his podcast are those key players. Whether it's 5 or 50 minutes long, I never ever ever miss new content from him.
Udemy Instructor - Industrial Communication Networks
Elven Kee
✋Are you lost like me when trying to keep up with Industry 4.0? Have no fear..I found a good channel and would like to share with you. My recommendation is follow Kudzai Manditereza on YouTube for his Industry 4.0. podcast. I become a huge fan of his YouTube channel as it is always up to date with latest trend and step by step idiot-proof guide 😀 This is also where I get my inspirations for my PhD research 😷 and get to listen to the prominent industry leaders sharing their experiences and tips on IIoT. All this, I cannot get from the library books as they are not updated fast enough.
20 years of experience in Automation Control & Manufacturing

About The Founder - Kudzai Manditereza

My goal is to help professionals stay up-to-date on the latest Industry4.0 technologies and best practices, and to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions. Whether through my videos, podcasts, writing, speaking, or other content, I am committed to helping solution architects and developers stay ahead of the curve and stay on the cutting edge of Industrial IoT and AI.

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Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL) A Complete Guide
OPC UA PubSub Tutorial
Asset Administration Shell Tutorial for Industry 4.0

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Get the latest step-by-step tutorials for cutting edge Industrial IoT and Artificial Intelligence applications for manufacturing.

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